Hot Yoga Markham

Hot Yoga Markham is a yoga studio based in Toronto.

This was a site redesign that was comprised of 10 pages and completed in 1 month timeframe.


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As COVID regulations continuously affects small business owners, online presence becomes more and more essential. As web developers, we're responsable in translating physical businesses into a digital brand.

Hot Yoga Markham one of many businesses that was fully affected by the lockdown and started to rely on their online presence to attract and grow their customers.


"Website is outdated. It has no personality and doesn't reflect our current services"

-Jinjin, Owner of Hot Yoga Markham, when describing her old website during our initial call.

When we met with Jinjin, the owner of Hot Yoga Markham, she told us her website hasn't been updated for 14 years. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

Her current website created a space for lost opportunities.

Things that were missing:

This ultimately meant that Hot Yoga Markham was losing out on
Customer Acquisition.

๐Ÿ  Home page redesigned

We added "preview" snippets of her entire site in the homepage

This allows users who prefer to scroll to get a holistic overview off all services and information offered by Hot Yoga Markham (i.e common questions, meet the team).

This exposes them to all the Hot Yoga Markham services and offerings, allowing no missed opportunities.

๐Ÿ’ฐ Pricing redesigned

The old website had disorganized and jambled content.

Jinjin's Google reviews showed that many of her existing customers were confused about her pricing model and was affecting her Google ratings. This was a great opportunity for improvement for us.

So, we did some user studies and information organization activities to make the content on the pricing user friendly. After doing some customer interviews, the pricing page is now straight forward with no fluff and easy to navigate.

๐Ÿ›  Maintenance & future support

We built a custom theme for Jinjin using WordPress and integrated a tool for easy website maintenance.

Jinjin is not a computer expert and we don't expect her to be. So we've integrated a user friendly website building interface to help her make future changes to her website, independently.

This saves her both money and time. Of course, we'll still be here for her whenever she needs us.

One happy client

This project was both challenging due to the time-frame and exciting as it was our first Yoga studio website.

We love working with enthusiastic clients like Jinjin and her yoga team.

Thanks for reading!

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