EmMeMa Clothing

EmMeMa is a handmade, sustainable lingerie clothing line.

This was a site redesign that was comprised of 6 pages and completed in 1 month timeframe.


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Emily, the founder of EmMeMa, started her company herself back in 2010. She dedicated hours of her schedule towards designing and maintaining an online brand of her own.

As time progressed, her business grew exponentially, leaving her with limited time to update her website.

This resulted in a problem that most people face: unscaleable, overcrowded & not user-friendly websites.


"Customers are finding my site hard to use. They can't find items that they're looking for"

-Emily, Founder of EmMeMa, when describing her old website during our initial call.

When we met with Emily, the founder of EmMeMa, she told us that customers love her products but tend to leave her site since they couldn't immediately find the items that they were looking for.

Throughout her business growth, many products were added to her site but were not organized in a way that matched customers expectations.

This resulted in a site that was hard to use for her customers.

This issue is impactful to businesses since it directly affects customer retention and customer acquisition.

🏠 Home page redesigned

We added a eye-catching carousel that showcases the differentiating factors of her clothing line (i.e couple matching boxers, new collections).

This allows new users to get immediately hooked into the website and explore deeper.

The bulk of the homepage emphasizes the values of EmMeMa in each section i.e sustainable clothing, ethically sourced.

✨ Navigation redesigned

Emily's old website did not have structured and organized product groupings.

We used a method called "Card Sorting" to group products and content into the right category, so that it would be easier for customers to find the right products.

This resulted in a beautiful and easy to use navigation bar.

🔮 Recommendation system

We took the navigation bar one step further and embedded a product recommendation system.

This allows users to get a quick preview of best selling or popular items in each section while they navigating.


The redesign resulted in a 148% increase in sales since launch 🚀

This is a direct outcome of great research and design to create a great customer experience.

Thanks for reading!

Mirospace Labs team ✨

Email from Emily

Shopify stats show 146% increase in sales, since new website was launched! 🤩

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