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A professional web design studio that helps entrepreneurs and startups develop their dream website.

We're big on design data research

We’re a team of design strategists turned developers, who found a passion for web design and data analytics. We develop end-to-end website services to help small businesses, entrepreneurs and startups grow online revenue through research and thoughtful design decisions.

See some of our most impactful projects

Converting new customers during COVID for Jinjin πŸŽ‰

When we met with Jinjin, the owner of Hot Yoga Markham, she told us her website hasn’t been updated for 14 years. 😯

Hot Yoga Markham one of many businesses that was fully affected by the lockdown in 2021 and started to rely on their online presence to attract and grow their customers.

Increased Emily's sales by 148% πŸš€

Emily, the founder of EmMeMa, started her company herself back in 2010. As time progressed, her business grew exponentially, leaving her with limited time to update her website.

This resulted in a problem that most people face: unscalable, overly crowded & non-user-friendly websites.

We're your one-stop shop πŸͺ„

Whether your website is an idea, unfinished or out-dated, our combined experience of 7 years of industry-level user experience design will help you deliver your vision.Β 

We specialize in redesigning, replatforming and developing websites from scratch. We guarantee responsive and mobile-friendly designs as its vital in today’s modern websites.Β 

Your website will grow with your business. You’ll be fully equipped toΒ  maintain your website after launch.

We've helped a handful of businesses

Our clients come from tech startups, academia and small businesses that specialize in ecommerce, fitness & wellness and education.

Nice to meet you, we're Mirospace Labs πŸ‘‹

Founded in 2018, Mirospace Labs is a proudly Canadian πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ female-run πŸ‘Έ professional design agency.

We help clients transform their business into a delightful digital experience.

We're big on putting users first and making data-driven design decisions. On the way, we educate our clients on our design values, support and maintenance. Our mission is to make website development a collaborative and non-intimidating process.

I would highly recommend! The price was great and they communicated very well. My business, Hot Yoga Markham, got a total refresh for our website and looks so professional. Everyone comments on how great the new site looks and more people are signing up for yoga every day.
Owner of Hot Yoga Markham πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦
Mirospace consistently produces high-quality work on time and on budget. I love their style of working collaboratively through design thinking sessions and applaud them for being so user centric.

Meeti Vijay
CEO of SourceKit, Cohort '19 DMZ

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Mirospace is a design lab that focused on growing business websites. We’re big on data and design.

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